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dean pham


data-driven Design for impact

Imagine if you could harness the exponential power of design today? Use it to inspire your customers into action. To deliver that experience you've always envisioned.
I'm all about helping companies like yours deliver on that promise. To utilise the power of design to realise.

This is my jam. This is what excites me.
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I've helped startups incubate from proof to product. Designed and optimised complex websites. Scaled and grow two-sided marketplaces. I've created and nurtured brands for billion dollar companies. Hired and mentored amazing designers for world class design teams.

Nothing is ever easy, but its easier when you know what to do.

I adopt an inclusive, data-driven, "let's test this!", best ideas win approach to the way i design and manage. I call this data-driven design for impact. Given the importance of what we're doing I want to make sure the work we do is sharp, true and always on point.

Isn't this how great design should be?

When i am in.
i am in to win.

companies i've worked for
lj hooker

the way i work

Data Driven
Being data driven is about being tactical about the things we do. It's having the courage to remove ego from the equation to allow the best ideas to win. It's embracing the unknown and being fine with it. It's about bringing confidence to our product decisions. It shows us where we have been and tells us where we should go. There is nothing more liberating than asking, what does the data say?
Ready to launch
What is a business' greatest strength? Is it talent? money? resources?... I believe it's greatest strength is speed. Going live. Getting it on the internet and embracing the uncertainty. It's not that about sacrificing quality for speed. It's about balancing efficiency with effectiveness.  It's calling it so you can focus on bigger and better things. Going live allows your greatest ideas to marinate. It gives you time to come up with new ways to improve it.
Always Testing
Think of your favourite products and websites. How did they become successful? Did they ever release a perfect version of their product first go? I believe the path to perfection is through relentless iteration. Always testing, never resting. Being curious trains us to look for better ways to better ourselves. When we test, we not only know why it is when things go right but we also understand a bit better when they go wrong.
Be candid
Being a designer is hard. Very few jobs out there require constant critique about the things you do. How to deal with feedback is a fundamental skill that talented designers learn early on. It is a paramount function in any high functioning design team. Being candid isn't about speaking your mind. It's about being honest about how much you care about making things better. By being candid, you will always know where you stand with me.
Power to the people
Empowering people challenges them to be better everyday. It's like they say about teaching people to fish. As a designer there are plenty of opportunities to empower people. Teach a non-designer how to use Canva. Teach a designer how to code. Being generous with your knowledge and time is a hallmark of a great mentor and in doing so helps scale your team to new heights.
Own the day
When i am in, i am all in. I am committed. Together, I want us to be proud of the things we do and the work we do to matter. I am at my best when the stakes are at their highest. When the game is on the line, i want the ball. Because in the end, i'm proudest when i know i'm helping make the difference. Thats why I approach each day with the intention of "owning it". No matter how small the detail or how big the task.

the work i've done

finder ventures

Hive Ex

branding / websites / conversion optimisation
In 2018, i joined Finder Ventures as the only designer/developer/ to help incubate and develop new businesses. HiveEx, the first major project is an over-the-counter cryptocurrency sales service. I collaborated with the founder and the team to create the look and feel of what HiveEx is. A slick, upmarket crypto purchasing experience. Like driving a Mercedes on the internet. I designed, built and architected the website flows and acquisition channels used for the OTC side today.
key projects
  • Creation of HiveEx Brand
  • HiveEx.com Website
  • HiveSpend.com Website
  • Acquisition Funnels

Hive Ex v2

websites / conversion optimisation
Continued success with HiveEx allowed us to incubate and launch new products. Version 2 of HiveEx was to create a stronger cohesive brand experience with the new products. We wanted each product to be connect through a similar visual language but still have a unique have a unique voice but still be connected through a similar visual language. We also designed for more complex functioning user interfaces which we wanted to be uniform and more useable. We still kept many of the fun connections to crypto memes ("the moon", "launch it"). I helped create and drive many of the new products and UX improvements.
key projects
  • HiveEx OTC site
  • Hive Exchange
  • HiveSpend.com v2


mobile app design
A joint venture between HiveEx and the team behind the IvyKoin i helped mock up the early user experiences of what a crypto-to-fiat mobile app might look like. A customer can use IvyPay to pay bills and bank accounts using cryptocurrency and or the Ivytoken.
key projects
  • IvyPay Mobile App



conversion optimisation / website design
Working directly with the niche teams i crafted tons of new experiments to test. This involved new landing page experiences for products. Simplifying complicated engine flows. Designing new ways of comparing product. These are some of my favourite projects at Finder. Working with great content makes the job so fun and easy.
key projects
  • Landing pages for various verticals. Money Transfers, Credit Cards, Home Loans, Cryptocurrency, Insurance e.t.c

UX & Product Improvements

user experience / website design / architecture
Here represents a small vignette of what a reimagined finder looks like. Designed for impact. Designed for scale.

One of my favourite projects was architecting the navigation. The perfect navigation for finder, is one that is infinitely scalable. To cater for new niches everyday. It needed to tell you where you are, where you needed to go and where you can go.
key projects
  • New site navigation architecture (desktop and mobile)
  • Publication Templates
  • Building trust through author pages
  • Engine re-design and optimisation

Publishing & Editorial

landing pages / publications
Working at Finder helped nurture my love of publication design. I worked on guides, lists, one-page long form content, books. All with the purpose of creating virality. Here are some of the projects i was lucky to be involved in.
key projects
  • Branding and development for various podcasts
  • Guide to watching the Marvel Universe
  • 2018 Credit Card Report

Finder Culture

logo design / apparel / print design
A collection of fun things i've done at Finder. My continuing obsession with using visual design to drive and build great workplace culture. A labour of love.
key projects
  • Finder Badges and Clubs
  • Hackathon and Summit Designs


settl for more


branding / websites / product development
In 2017, i joined some Freelancer alumni to help incubate and develop a new real estate startup project codenamed Settl. Backed by LJ Hooker, it's aim was to disrupt the real estate market by offering a fixed priced alternative for those looking to sell their homes. This collection represents us trying to find product market fit. I helped create many of the website flows, application of branding and acquisition flows.
key projects
  • Settl Branding Elements
  • Finding product market fit for the Settl product
  • Settl Dashboards and flows
  • Onboarding Flows
  • Acquisition Funnels

LJ Hooker Mobile App

mobile app design
A nice little side-project was conceptualising what a LJ Hooker app might look like. I worked alongside the CEO to come up with a quick visual flow, video and presentation to help onboard the major players at LJ Hooker. All work was done and hustled over a single weekend.
key projects
  • LJ Hooker Mobile App and presentation


Designing Freelancer

website design / landing pages / conversion optimisation
Here represents a small selection of projects to help drive growth at Freelancer. From designing landing pages to creating new conversion engines to helping launch Startcon the work was wide varied and deep. Together with PM's, engineers and designers we generated a ton of revenue and helped empower a new generation of entrepreneurs and freelancers.
key projects
  • Landing pages and conversion optimisation
  • Customer onboarding
  • Messaging and user profile interfaces
  • Acquisition Funnels

Culture at Freelancer

These are some my experiments in using visual design to build company culture at Freelancer. I love how visual design and imagery can help rally people to a common cause. Full blown propaganda machine.
key projects
  • Freelancer.com Merchandise
  • Hackathon Events
  • Company Milestones
  • Office Design

the people i've worked with

Dean helped push my work to new heights and inspired me to get my hands dirty with design.
A rare individual and a real go-getter. He takes the time to learn about you, your needs and the needs of your team and has the same care and attention when dealing with his own work.
Maryanne Nguyen
Visual Designer and Illustrator @ Atlassian
maryannemade.com →
He's always had the best intentions as I grow as a creative and as a manager.
Dean is a great designer, but his best quality is his down-to-earth style of honesty. He's great to bounce ideas off and I value his feedback because I know it comes from an honest place. He challenges me to become a better designer and is a constant beacon of motivation to get out of my comfort zone.
Samanatha Borg
Head of Design @ Freelancer.com
komiksams.com →
I can give him something abstract and he'll come back with a well thought out and fully formed user experience.
Dean is one of the most reliable designers i've worked with. I appreciate what he brings to our product which is a testament to how much he cares about whatever project he is involved in. Whether it's coming in on the weekend or working on a preso after work he’s the kind of guy that is dependable. He is someone that aims to make the work we do better.
Jimmy Young
Senior Product Manager @ Lyft
lyft.com →
Dean helped unlock a lot of barriers and really elevated design at Freelancer.
He helped hire, had those tough conversations, took on extra work outside his job and pushed the limits to make sure things we were always moving. He's an honest guy and is always a great person to bounce ideas off. Someone who always made sure design was part of the conversation.
Andrias Taniwan
Lead Designer and Front End Developer @ Willy Weather
poporetto.com →
Very data driven and considers all the available user behaviour data in his designs always.
A talented designer, Dean offers a unique perspective to things and provides rigorous feedback and recommendations which contribute to the success of any new feature.
Ehsan Azizi
Head of Escrow.com / Data Scientist
escrow.COM →
Dean is a designer that I can always depend on to "Get it Done".
As a designer he's proactive in connecting the necessary pieces to get things approved, tested and built. He has a refreshing view on design and product and i will always enjoy our healthy debates about building great user experiences. I can't wait to work with him again.
Mike Titchen
Senior Product Manager @ Freelancer.com
freelancer.COM →
Dean helped us achieve not only the business' goals but our own personal ones too.
As a leader he always made sure we are at our top performance. He is also very good with people having helped hire a number of designers. Dean is an all round good guy and i'm thankful to work alongside him.
Kocha Worapon
Director and Designer at Kocha.com
kocha.com →